An Afternoon @ Drybar, Pasadena

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
Folks,  I’m always here to search out the latest and the greatest that Pasadena has to offer. From food, wine, entertainment, to fun in the sun, I will let you know about all the great places in Pasadena. Now I have heard a great deal about Drybar, but I felt that I needed to send in some friends that …well..How do I say it? — Friends that could do a better review of this establishment. So with the help of Rachel & Melissa here is the review of Drybar, Pasadena –}

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena“No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.”
This is the philosophy of Drybar, a salon with a respectful number of locations dotted throughout the USA (with origins in Los Angeles, but a sizable following in New York City). I’d been curious since Drybar opened in December, but unable to grasp the concept until I, along with my friend Melissa from The Valentine RD, were graciously invited to enjoy the Drybar experience. As Mr. Pasadena is always curious about the new kids in town, he kindly offered the space for me to report my findings and share them with his readers.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaNow might be a great time to mention that the vast majority of blowouts are $35. This includes the wash. You have really long hair, like my friend Melissa? Yeah, I feel your pain; I was there once. Your blowout is still only $35 at Drybar. I know! Yes, my precious long-haired lady-folk, dry your eyes. I’m also reeling from this news still. Have a sip of champagne to steady your excitement.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaWhat I dig most about the layout of Drybar is their open, communal layout. Instead of individual, free standing stations, chairs are situated along a counter bar. The big screen TV played Sex and the City and Bridesmaids as we chit-chatted about ourselves and I asked an inordinate amount of questions, you’d think I was giving a pop quiz to test my stylist, Noel, and her Drybar 101 knowledge. The long and short of it being that founder Alli Webb outgrew her one-woman blowout business so quickly that she decided to take her talent and ideas to the bank, and from the bank to the public – all with the philosophy that there had to be a happy price medium between high-end hair styling and mediocre discount chains.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaAs soon as I was sat down, my stylist, Noel, presented the Drybar menu of blowout styles offered. As I had nowhere special to be that day, but had a function the following evening, I decided to go with a mix of Southern Comfort (“big hair, lots of curl”) and The Cosmo (“lots of loose curls”). I didn’t have to even ask to know Melissa would be going in the opposite direction of sleek, chic Manhattan straight hair.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
All blowouts include a wash with shampoo. I’ll confess something to you…my favorite part of the salon experience? It’s not the satisfaction of a smart new hair do, nor the pleasure of someone’s attention to my hair. Nope. It’s the head massage that accompanies the wash (which I believe is a $10 add-on, and one well worth it in my humble opinion!). I live for scalp massages.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
We were given the choice of beverage, including water, wine, mimosa and champagne. Though a mimosa was tempting, I can never pass up champagne straight up. I do not know which brand of champagne they buy, but it is dry, crisp and magnificent.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaNoel, my stylist, was sure to ask permission before applying product; a simple but greatly appreciated kindness, as many of us are becoming more conscientious of what we put in our hair. I granted permission for products, and was partial to the Moroccan Oil spray. It smelled heavenly and gave my hair both the hold and luminosity I was aiming for. Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, also has her own line of hair styling tool & products – both at Drybar and Sephora.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
I was given an informal tour by my stylist, and shown the back room, which they open on particularly busy days or hold private, large functions in. There are also a couple of private rooms for private parties – be it a bridal shower, girls salon day, sweet sixteen party, or what have you.

Rachael at Drybar, PasadenaRachael at Drybar, Pasadena

Ta Da! The final result was a splendorous cacophony of curls and volume, precisely what I’d hoped for! Noel was a total pro; she twisted and twirled every strand of my hair. I marveled at the way she was also able to keep up with my blatant fidgeting, which she encouraged as I was snapping pictures and trying and take everything in.

Out of all of the white and buttercup yellow elements of Drybar, it is the genuine happiness all of the employees appeared which stood out the most to me. From the stylists to the ‘bartenders’ (receptionists!) Paige and Laurie, there is a common bond of authentic adoration for not just the employment in and of itself, but for the company of which they are employed to. Stylists are permitted to share their outside services to clients, as well as pick up shifts at other Drybar locations to cover for a friend in need. Happiness is infectious; a pleasant work environment gives way to customers leaving with more than a kick-butt hair do and a smile on their face. It leaves them with a bubbling afterglow, and an overwhelming urge to share their experience with others, as I have done just now with you!

My hair may be piled heavenward, but my mind has been placed at ease, as I can now say with confidence I not only get what Drybar is all about, but I can get behind it as well. Thank you to Paige, Laurie, Evelyn, Noel and manager Ashley for brightening up my Wednesday afternoon and giving extra bounce in my step and my hair!

146 S. Lake Ave, #102
Pasadena, CA 91106

Mon-Wed: 8a-8p
Thu-Sat: 8a-9p
Sun: 9a-7p


Finding My Way Around The Dena


A series of modern, color-coordinated “way finding” signs are popping up in Pasadena to enhance the navigation by tourists, business travelers, workers, bicyclists and motorists to Pasadena’s key destinations, attractions, parking and other points of interest.

The integrated, directional signs are being installed to lead the traveling public into—and around—distinct parts of the City, including the Old Pasadena, Civic Center, Playhouse, East Pasadena, Hastings Ranch, North Pasadena, Arroyo Seco and South Lake districts.  The aluminum signs have a clean, attractive look with the City’s rose logo, clearly printed words and arrows to note major landmarks such as the Rose Bowl Stadium, (, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena Convention Center, (, Pacific Asia Museum, retail shopping areas, public transit hubs and parking garages.

Other destinations highlighted include, among others, Caltech, Pasadena City College, the Gamble House, Rose Bowl Aquatics Center, Huntington Hospital, Pasadena Playhouse and City Hall.

The first six of the 378 new way finding signs were installed March 6 by a crew from the City’s Department of Public Works.  About 150 of the signs are being placed for easy pedestrian viewing while the rest of the 228 signs are being strategically located to help motorists.

“Pasadena is a world-class destination for business and leisure travel and we want our visitors to enjoy their experience here.  The way-finding signs will make it easier for them to find our major destinations and parking,” City Manager Michael Beck said.

The new comprehensive signage is helping to brand and market the best of what Pasadena ( has to offer, Beck added.  The project began in April as new steel poles and concrete footings for many of the new signs were installed.  All of the signs should be in place by early summer.  The project’s second and third phases will include additional signs with changeable data that informs motorists of parking spot availability at various garages, plus monument signs marking main entry points into Pasadena.

The $2.2 million project includes about $1.68 million in Proposition C monies from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and about $512,000 in matching funds from the City.  Metro’s funds were instrumental in completing the project.

Funding for the first phase was about $1 million, including the 378 signs, steel poles, footings, brackets and labor costs.  The project is managed by Public Works along with the City Manager’s Office, Economic Development Division and the City’s Department of Transportation.

Personally, I wondered what the black frames were. My fear was that they were going to be used to put up commercials and ads, but I am VERY happy to see that they will be used to help out our friends and family from out of town.  Cheers to finding your way a little bit better around Pasadena! I LOVE THIS TOWN!



Come celebrate Pasadena’s creative, artistic community as ArtNight Pasadena returns from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday, March 8, with free admission to 11 exciting arts and cultural venues throughout Pasadena. 

 This four-hour cultural extravaganza offers a wide array of dance, music, visual arts and other fun activities for families and people of all ages to enjoy.  Free shuttle buses will help provide transportation to each location.

 Among the many highlights: Experience Listening as (a) movement by Elana Mann, at Side Street Projects, 730 N. Fair Oaks Ave., pairing interactive acoustic sculptures with community-based performance art.  Attend the opening night of “monument” on the survival of Mrs. Reppin: an Artwork by Dan Flavin at the Norton Simon Museum, 411 W. Colorado Blvd.

 Celebrate the history of wedding ceremonies at the Pasadena Museum of History, 470 W. Walnut St., for a special presentation of I do! I do! featuring more than 35 vintage wedding gowns from 1860 to 1950.  Enjoy free family art-making workshops at artWORKS Teen Center, 2932 E. Walnut St.  Hear guitarist Joe Gamble play jazz, world music and French melodies at Alliance Française, 34 E. Union St. in Kendall Alley.

 It’s all happening, and much, much more, during ArtNight Pasadena 2013.  For a full listing of events, activities and other important information, go online to  A Spanish-language version of the website is also available.

 Free, specially marked shuttle buses will be available to take you to all of the venues.  For those who ride Metro into Pasadena for ArtNight, remember to bring your Metro “TAP” card as many of the host venues plan to offer special discounts on store merchandise and memberships, including the Pasadena Museum of History, 470 W. Walnut St., Alliance Française, 34 E. Union St., and the Pacific Asia Museum, 46 N. Los Robles Ave.

 Another popular way to enjoy ArtNight is by bicycle!  Visit for more information on how to bike through ArtNight.  And, several venues will also have trendy food trucks nearby with tasty treats for purchase to quench your thirst and appetites.

 ArtNight is produced by the City’s Cultural Affairs Division of the Planning & Community Development Department, in collaboration with the participating arts and culture institutions.  For more information call the ArtNight Hotline (626) 744-7887 or visit

 For accessibility assistance to either the venues or shuttle transportation, or for information in braille or large-print format, call (626) 744-7062.

Cruisin’ Pasadena

Another beautiful day in the Dena and as I cruise down Colorado Blvd. and admire the beautiful architecture I think to myself –“what was here back in the day?” Well for those historical answers I turn to my good friend Ed.  He is the maker of the remarkable Cruisin’ Pasadena app for the iPhone and iPad.  I asked him to bring you some cool history nuggets on the City we love so much.

“Hey Ed, what do you have for us today?”

“ Well thank you for having me Mr. Pasadena it is great to be on your blog. I know your blog is all about what is hip and what is going on in Pasadena and to bring that historical flavor to your blog makes me feel honored and appreciative of the fact that you would share this knowledge with your readers.”

Cruisin’ Pasadena p.1 -Pasadena’s Egyptian Theaters plex2

“Have you ever wondered where people went to see movies in Pasadena before the advent of the multiplexes?  Surprisingly, a few of them are still around and one is even still showing movies.  To start with, there are two theater buildings that had an exotic Egyptian theme which was popular back in the 1920’s. The first was the Warner’s Egyptian Theater. It sits at 2316 East Colorado on the south side of Colorado unused, altered a bit from its original facade, and partially obscured by ficus trees. It opened on May 6th, 1925 for vaudeville shows and motion pictures by Henry Warner who also operated a theater in the Lamanda Park section of Pasadena.  Henry, who was not related to the famous Warner Brothers, opened the theater without a balcony and it still retains its original fire curtain from 1925.  This theater is better known today as the Uptown Theater. It closed in the early 1980’s.  in an area that has now prospered with the recent opening of a Walgreen’s and renovated Von’s at the corner of Sierra Madre and Colorado Boulevards it is  waiting for the next phase in it’s life. plex

Further west towards the Playhouse District, the second location is the theater formerly known as Bard’s Egyptian.  Also built in 1925, it was originally financed by Louis L. Bard and designed by architect L.A. Smith in the Egyptian Revival style.  It was remodeled in 1942 with a Streamline Moderne design by Fox West Coast theaters and renamed the Fox Colorado Theater.  In 1958, it was renovated again and given the name which it retains to this day, the Academy Theater.  Stripped of the ornamentation from it’s facade, it was turned into a six screen multiplex in 1984,  and still shows movies for as little as two dollars.  It retains many local business including the Pasadena Cobbler Factory and a barber shop as well as its terrazzo ground floor entrance at 1003 East Colorado Boulevard of the theater.”

Well thank you Ed, that was pretty cool. Feel free to stop on by anytime and share more insight into Pasadena history. For additional interesting Pasadena sites including historic pictures of the aforementioned locations, please check out the Cruisin’ Pasadena app for the iPhone and iPad here:


Mr. Pasadena Is Baking Up Something For You This Weekend


Are you in need of a sweet treat Saturday? Responsible for bringing dessert to the pot luck this weekend?   My friend Molly Taylor has signed up for the 549.1 mile bike ride AIDS Lifecycle\ Ride to end AIDS , an event that will take seven days and journey her from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I am truly in awe of her dedication and training ethic.  I wanted to help in any way I could and working together the idea of the Bake ‘n Buy BAKE SALE was born.

Therefore, this Saturday March 2nd.  I am holding an enormous bake sale at Jones Coffee to raise funds to help reach her $10K goal of donations. There will be some of the top bakers in Pasadena and the surrounding area on hand with 100% of the donations going to help her reach her goal.

The Bakers include:

Cake Bar

Sugar Fix

Serendipity Cupcakes

UpTown Sweet Spot

B. Sweet

Chubster Bakery

I Like Pie –Bake Shop

Cutie Pies LA

Crème Caramel LA

Any one of these offerings could satisfy your sweet tooth, but to have them all together is an over indulgence that might never be seen again.  BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!  That’s right we have also enlisted the help of the one food truck that everyone can agree on…THE GRILL CHEESE TRUCK!  That’s right the Grill Cheese Truck  will be on hand as well and will also be donating a portion of their sales to Molly’s fund raising goal.

I urge you to make this a part of your weekend plans. This isn’t your elementary school bake sale we are talking here. This is a bake sale of epic proportions.  What better way to satisfy your sweet tooth and know that you are helping to donate to worthy cause. So make your way down this Saturday to the bake sale and I will see you there! Cheers to Molly and cheers to all of the wonderful people that are marking their calendars now to attend the bake sale!

DATE:  This Saturday March 2nd

TIME: 11am to 4pm

Location:  Jones Coffee 693 S Raymond Ave Pasadena, CA. 91105 / (626) 564-9291

P.S.  Special thank to Chuck over at Jones Coffee for donating the space for this event.

Win Free Food!

I picked this up on my latest visit to my friends over at Wahoo’s Fish TacosImage in Pasadena.  Turns out they are celebrating their 25th anniversary today.  I have to hand it to them, they definitely cater to my new dietary needs and restrictions.  Not to mention they already have a tasty menu worthy of a visit today.   So hop on down to Wahoo’s today to get your free food card. EVERY CARD is a winner! Cheers to another great Monday in Pasadena!

Time To Say Goodbye to Good Friend…


It is really is hard to hear that another great place in Pasadena is closing their doors.   It was even harder to hear that it was my friends over at Red White+Bluezz that are closing up.  It has been the best of times and I will be sad to see them go.  However, why not make it your weekend plans to pay them a visit, taste one the city’s best bloody mary and toast to the good times. You will be glad you did. Cheers to you and your weekend!