Girl Scout Cookies Never Looked So Good!


Everybody loves Girl Scout cookies, right?  This season, Trattoria Neapolis is purchasing cookies from Girl Scout Troop 14201 from Willard School in Pasadena and using them to create an original dessert — the Tagalong Torta (Do-Si-Do Cookie Crust, Peanut Butter Mousse, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Blueberry Sorbetto, Tagalong Crumbles). 

They are also making a special addition to their housemade gelato and Italian cookie plate.  They’re taking two Samoa cookies and putting their own Toasted Coconut Gelato between them to make a delicious Girl Scout Cookie Sandwich.  (Served as Gelato Plate with Samoa Coconut Gelato Cookie Sandwich).

The desserts are available at Trattoria Neapolis starting TODAY.

 Trattoria Neapolis is proud to partner with Troop 14201 who will use their cookie proceeds to support Families in Transition (a non-profit providing service to homeless students in Pasadena schools) and The Humane Society of Pasadena. Both of these Girl Scout Cookie treats will only be on the dessert menu for a limited time starting today–Tuesday, February 19th.  Note each dessert is $9, $1 of which will go to local Pasadena Girl Scout Troop 14201.  We encourage everyone to support the Girl Scouts generously this cookie season.


One response to “Girl Scout Cookies Never Looked So Good!

  1. What a beautiful dessert — can’t wait to try it! Also, what a great idea — to use GS cookie as crumbles for desserts. There are so many possibilities…

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