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Bloggers invited to Pasadena Birthday Party

PasHist127thBDpartyOn June 22, 2013, Pasadena Museum of History will host the official birthday celebration for Pasadena’s 127th birthday.  In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Colorado Street Bridge in 2013, their theme this year is Happy Birthday Pasadena – Celebrating Bridges. 

The Pasadena landmark’s centennial will be both the primary celebratory focus of this free community event and also the catalyst to an exploration of the theme of “bridging” via interactive “History Pods” that will feature six sub-themes (Bridges to… Understanding, Community, Exploration, Imagination, Health, and History) involving collaborations with Pasadena Heritage, JPL, Kidspace Museum, Side Street Productions, Sister Cities Committee, and other local organizations and businesses.

The Pasadena museum of History would like to invite the Pasadena blogging community to be a part of this event as featured participants in the “Bridges to Community” section.  They feel you are Pasadena’s eyes and ears; you share Pasadena-related thoughts, images, inspirations, and news from unique perspectives.  They would love the chance to introduce you in person and give you a chance to chat one-on-one with members of the community.

     Details:  Happy Birthday Pasadena will take place from 1:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 22, on the campus of Pasadena Museum of History.  We’d like to schedule you for 1-hour shifts during the afternoon.  The birthday cake ceremony will occupy most of the attendees during the 3:00 hour, so there will be three shifts available, at 1:00, 2:00 & 4:00.  The activities are outdoors, however the museum will have you shaded, along with tables and chairs. The museum will also  have wi-fi availability in the location that is planned for the Community Pod.

How to Participate:  Please contact Jeannette Bovard or Ardis Willwerth via email or phone to sign up for a shift and to obtain further information about the day.

Jeannette Bovard | | 626.710.8639

Ardis Willwerth | | 626.577.1660, ext. 15


Mother’s Day Brunch pick in Pasadena

Beautiful interior shot of Vertical Wine Bistro

Beautiful interior shot of Vertical Wine Bistro

Mother’s day is a special day for all moms. Like most sons (and husbands) you probably haven’t decided where to take your mom to brunch this Sunday.  Of course, there are so many wonderful places to take her in Pasadena for that special meal ,but I wanted to give you my top pick for this mother’s day. None other than the wonderful Vertical Wine Bistro! I love their special brunch menu from top to bottom. I don’t think it is too late to make a reservation, but I would suggest you make it sooner rather than later. Cheers to all the wonderful mothers this Mother’s Day!



LA Street Food Fest -Comes Back 2 The Rose Bowl!

LASTREETFOOD13BI can tell it’s going to be a GREAT SUMMER already! The 4th Annual LA Street Food Fest will be taking place June 29th, 2013 at the Rose Bowl! This year’s event will be happening earlier in the summer to take advantage of cooler temps and will feature one of the most exciting vendor line up yet. By popular demand, they are bringing back live music, expanding the Ice Cream Social to include some past Artisanal LA favorites, and much more. Twitter followers (@LAFoodFest) and Facebook fans (FB/LAStreetFoodFest) can access a fan discount promo code to save $10 off all inclusive tickets between until April 20th (2 days left!).  It may seem early to mention this event, but tickets do sell out and I will tell you, you don’t want to miss this event. So head to this site to get your discounted tickets now

As the event draws near, I will be posting updates about their vendor line up and any special guest that I hear are attending the event. As for me, I plan on reporting from this event with a video crew so look for Mr. Pasadena in the crowd, I ‘d love to meet you and include you in my video coverage of the 4th annual LA Street Food Fest. Cheers to the summer of 2013!

Cakes for a Cause @ La Monarca Bakery April 22nd – 28th

Cakes4ACause2With this year’s reported catastrophic collapse of Monarch Butterfly populations in Mexico – down to their lowest level since 1976 – La Monarca Bakery is expanding its Cakes for a Cause campaign to all its locations beginning on April 22nd (Earth Day), benefiting their official partner, the ECOLIFE Foundation, and its programs in Michoacán, Mexico. ECOLIFE’s Monarch Conservation projects include protection of existing forests by constructing fuel-efficient stoves to reduce the cutting of wood for fuel, and restoration of forests through the collaborative planting of thousands of trees in Mexico. Upon returning from his recent trip to the Monarch Sanctuary, ECOLIFE’s Executive Director, Bill Toone, noted “I am just back from a tragic trip to Mexico. Tragic because Monarch butterflies are at an all time low – 2% of the historic one billion of about 25 years ago.  Never have there been so few butterflies in Mexico.” In support of their efforts, La Monarca Bakery will donate 10% of the proceeds from all cake sales at their stores to ECOLIFE from April 22 (Earth Day) through April 28.

LaMonarcawindowpaneHowever, this year’s Cakes for a Cause is more than just a campaign for funds, but also a campaign to raise awareness for this now endangered migratory phenomenon. For this, La Monarca Bakery will also be distributing a coloring page to all kids and families visiting their stores featuring Monarch butterflies in their natural habitat.

Mr. Pasadena says: ” This is just another reason to enjoy this fabulous bakery. Support your sweet tooth and support a great cause. #winwin! ” 

For more information on La Monarca Bakery, visit, or follow them: @LaMonarcaBakery, FB/LaMonarcaBakery, Instagram/LaMonarcaBakery.

La Monarca Bakery

1001 Mission Street

South Pasadena, CA91030


 For more information on ECOLIFE, please

Disaster Prepping w/ Leadership Pasadena 2013

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is really reading my tweets and my blog. Then I find out that you not only read them both, but you are actually going to those events that I am talking about.  Thank you! I do it for you. I do it for Pasadena.  This next post is from my new friend Maria who read one of my tweets and decided to take in a disaster preparation class that I mentioned. Reading her post makes me feel like I should have attended too…Enjoy.

I have a confession:  I’ve never used a fire extinguisher. By Maria Rohmer

The embarrassing thing is it never concerned me.  Sure there was always one around, and sure, I knew where to find it.  But to pick one up and put out a fire where seconds could mean the difference between safety and destruction, life or death?  Nope.  I could picture myself in a fire situation fumbling with the tank, losing precious time and I didn’t want that on my conscience.  The older I got I disliked this fact more.  So when I found out about a fire and disaster preparedness training class thanks to Mr. Pasadena’s twitter I decided to do something about it.

My secret shame and I showed up to class at the senior center on Holly Street.  The training event was part of a day-long community fair hosted by Leadership Pasadena, a local and superbly run organization.  It was attended by members of our local fire department and EMT’s.  What resulted was an exchange of helpful and life-saving tips presented by some wonderful teachers sincere in their desire to impart their best advice from years of experience on the job.  It was a marvelous success.

Following an initial lecture jam packed with basic (and quite genius) information on ways to begin preparing for possible disaster, classes were split into three training groups.  Two groups went outside where one learned about shutting off water and gas lines during disasters.  I mean think about it – how many of us even know where to look for this stuff?  I didn’t and it just felt unacceptable.  These valves are right outside our homes and not impossible to access.  They are part of a pool of basic things we need to know to be safe and prepared.

The second group was instructed on how to safely move heavy objects (think felled tree trunks, walls or shelves).  Imagine a family member or neighbor getting pinned down and unable to move.  How do you safely set about releasing them?  Well, thanks to our firemen we learned how.  All it takes are a few solid wood blocks, a pry bar, steady hand and good partner (if available) and you can move 4000 lbs or more.  Believe it.  I saw the demonstration.

The division into smaller groups made for a casual and intimate feel.  Participants felt at ease asking questions from the mundane to the very serious.  We took notes, we shared information, and we laughed.  In spite of the heavy subject I was actually enjoying myself.

The last class was about (tah-dah!) understanding and using fire extinguishers.  I faintly remembered fire extinguishers came in different class types.  What I didn’t know is they come in 5 different ones: A-B-C-D and K (the newest one).  The letters are clearly marked on the appropriate extinguisher to alert users what kind of fire it can put out.  If the wrong kind is used on a particular type of fire then it won’t work and can potentially cause a worse fire.  A few minutes spent reading a pamphlet online or attending a similar class can make all the difference here.  The final part of this class included using a fire extinguisher to put out a mini-fire set up by our instructors.  The hands-on approach was meant to remove the intimidation factor.  It worked.

I learned operating a fire extinguisher is a simple process.  Too simple to be called a process, really.  It’s just a matter of following the PASS rule which I’d love to share with you:

Pull the safety pin locking the handle.

Aim the nozzle or hose from a safe distance.

Squeeze the grip handle.

Sweep out the fire with a back and forth “sweeping” motion.

And you’re done.  Easy peasy!  In fact everything we learned was simple.  After our three hour training course I walked out feeling enough confidence that if and when disaster strikes I’ll be part of those able to offer assistance.  I’ll have the advantage of information, and I definitely won’t be stuck fumbling with the fire extinguisher.  I’ll be part of those finding solutions while emergency crews are busy saving lives.

For information on Leadership Pasadena contact: or 626-577-2296

For information on enhanced disaster training and CPR classes contact: or 626-799-0841

For questions about the Senior Center contact: or 626-795-4331

DUI in Pasadena

Drink and be merry, but please don't drive. - Mr. Pasadena

Drink and be merry, but please don’t drive. – Mr. Pasadena

There are so many wonderful places to eat in Pasadena and when it comes to drinking we have some of the best bars on the West Coast.  I am an advocate of having a good time in the city of Pasadena, but I have always reminded both follower and friend that drinking and driving is not an option. If you drink don’t drive. Call a cab, phone a friend or wait it out. The LAST think you want to do is get a DUI.  However, there have been times that my friends have asked me, “Okay, Mr. Pasadena, what if I didn’t listen to your advice and I DID get a DUI…what do I do now?”

Well when it comes to DUIs  I refer my friends to my good friend Levon Kevorkian. Levon  is a practicing criminal defense attorney based in Pasadena specializing in general misdemeanors, DUIs, and civil litigation. He has been a lifelong Pasadena resident and has graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law.  Today he is here to go over a few facts and some thoughts about DUI’s for you.

Are you picking the right lawyer for your DUI?

by Levon Kevorkian 

Fact: Even at blood alcohol levels as low as .02 g/dL, alcohol can affect a person’s response time and driving ability. The probability of a crash increases significantly after .05 and even more rapidly after .08.

Fact: A DUI arrest can begin with the smallest traffic infractions; including illegal U-turns, speeding, and changing lanes without a turn signal.

Fact: You are not required to submit to a handheld breathalyzer AND the police officer MUST tell you this.

Did you know of these facts? If you didn’t, it’s ok. But now think if you ever get a DUI and you find out your lawyer doesn’t know these facts, how would that make you feel?

DUIs cost a lot: you’ll be facing fines, multiple license suspensions, and alcohol programs. Therefore it is crucial that you get the best representation. So how do you know you are hiring a good DUI lawyer? Well if your lawyer doesn’t know the above facts, then he’s not competent to handle your case.

In my experience you should be looking for three things: expertise, honesty, and reputation.

Expertise: You want a lawyer who knows what he’s doing. You want a lawyer who has handled your type of case before and has a good track record. For criminal defense lawyers this means the number of trials and cases handled. Also there are certain questions that any competent DUI defense attorney can answer:

Has he ever been to a crime lab? Has he ever done a jury trial? What is the rising blood alcohol defense? How can mouth alcohol affect breath test results? What studies show that the human body can absorb alcohol for up to three hours? If he answers then he is competent. If he just stares at you, tell him thanks but no thanks.

I’m serious. It’s time to quiz our legal professionals and hold them to the high standards they face in courtrooms. It’s up to us to be looking out for one another and it’s about time we start doing it.  If you’re lawyer cannot honestly answer these questions then how do you expect him to fight for your rights in a courtroom against prosecutors and judges?

Honesty: You want an honest lawyer. I know many lawyers who blow smoke and create unrealistic expectations for their clients when all they have to do to retain them is just be up front. Just be up front, it’s pure and simple.

So how can you tell if your lawyer is honest? Simple, ask your friends. Most of us know someone who has gotten a DUI and can tell you about their experiences. Whether good or bad they will let you know whether the attorney is worth considering. But what happens if you don’t know anybody who has ever received a DUI?  You can always evaluate your lawyer at the initial consultation.

This may seem difficult at first since most clients haven’t personally met their lawyers until they step inside of their office. It’s important to gauge your potential lawyer’s demeanor: is he really excited at the prospect of your case? Is he making promises that sound a little too farfetched (i.e. “we’ll get your case dismissed no problem, I know the DA”). Is he brushing your questions off?

Do some research and ask him some of the questions listed above. Most lawyers would never expect clients to know these about questions. If your lawyer can answer the questions professionally, it looks like you have found your lawyer.  

So now you know that your lawyer is honest, there is just one final step before you shell out your money and hire him:

Reputation: Whether it’s criminal defense, landlord-tenant, or personal injury, you want a lawyer who has a good reputation. Reputation matters with judges, opposing counsel, and prosecutors. You want a lawyer who knows the people he will be dealing with when he steps inside of the courtroom and represents you. I’ve often seen judges give a lot of deference to attorneys who have great reputations. A lawyer who has a good reputation goes a long way. Ask him if he belongs to any professional organizations. You can even ask him for some references. Why not? You’re the one hiring him after all.

Bottom Line: For my clients, I am honest about their situations. I’m an open book, they can ask me anything. I also let them know about my experiences in the legal field. I previously clerked as a prosecutor in one of the biggest DUI courthouses in California and have done multiple jury trials against some of the best attorneys out there. I’ve also visited the LAPD crime lab under the supervision of state certified toxicologists and saw their daily work in the lab. You want to know what I know about breath testing machines? I’ll tell you, even before you want to hire me. How many other attorneys do you know that will do that?

Choosing a lawyer is an important decision because you probably have never faced a situation like this before. This is why you should put every effort in this decision as you can and choose a lawyer who is experienced, honest, open to your needs, and has a good reputation. Remember, the lawyer will be working for you and you’re the boss

Levon Kevorkian  can be reached at and 1-888-286-7605. For articles on what to do when arrested for DUI and updates on DUI checkpoints, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

An Afternoon @ Drybar, Pasadena

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
Folks,  I’m always here to search out the latest and the greatest that Pasadena has to offer. From food, wine, entertainment, to fun in the sun, I will let you know about all the great places in Pasadena. Now I have heard a great deal about Drybar, but I felt that I needed to send in some friends that …well..How do I say it? — Friends that could do a better review of this establishment. So with the help of Rachel & Melissa here is the review of Drybar, Pasadena –}

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena“No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.”
This is the philosophy of Drybar, a salon with a respectful number of locations dotted throughout the USA (with origins in Los Angeles, but a sizable following in New York City). I’d been curious since Drybar opened in December, but unable to grasp the concept until I, along with my friend Melissa from The Valentine RD, were graciously invited to enjoy the Drybar experience. As Mr. Pasadena is always curious about the new kids in town, he kindly offered the space for me to report my findings and share them with his readers.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaNow might be a great time to mention that the vast majority of blowouts are $35. This includes the wash. You have really long hair, like my friend Melissa? Yeah, I feel your pain; I was there once. Your blowout is still only $35 at Drybar. I know! Yes, my precious long-haired lady-folk, dry your eyes. I’m also reeling from this news still. Have a sip of champagne to steady your excitement.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaWhat I dig most about the layout of Drybar is their open, communal layout. Instead of individual, free standing stations, chairs are situated along a counter bar. The big screen TV played Sex and the City and Bridesmaids as we chit-chatted about ourselves and I asked an inordinate amount of questions, you’d think I was giving a pop quiz to test my stylist, Noel, and her Drybar 101 knowledge. The long and short of it being that founder Alli Webb outgrew her one-woman blowout business so quickly that she decided to take her talent and ideas to the bank, and from the bank to the public – all with the philosophy that there had to be a happy price medium between high-end hair styling and mediocre discount chains.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaAs soon as I was sat down, my stylist, Noel, presented the Drybar menu of blowout styles offered. As I had nowhere special to be that day, but had a function the following evening, I decided to go with a mix of Southern Comfort (“big hair, lots of curl”) and The Cosmo (“lots of loose curls”). I didn’t have to even ask to know Melissa would be going in the opposite direction of sleek, chic Manhattan straight hair.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
All blowouts include a wash with shampoo. I’ll confess something to you…my favorite part of the salon experience? It’s not the satisfaction of a smart new hair do, nor the pleasure of someone’s attention to my hair. Nope. It’s the head massage that accompanies the wash (which I believe is a $10 add-on, and one well worth it in my humble opinion!). I live for scalp massages.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
We were given the choice of beverage, including water, wine, mimosa and champagne. Though a mimosa was tempting, I can never pass up champagne straight up. I do not know which brand of champagne they buy, but it is dry, crisp and magnificent.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - PasadenaNoel, my stylist, was sure to ask permission before applying product; a simple but greatly appreciated kindness, as many of us are becoming more conscientious of what we put in our hair. I granted permission for products, and was partial to the Moroccan Oil spray. It smelled heavenly and gave my hair both the hold and luminosity I was aiming for. Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, also has her own line of hair styling tool & products – both at Drybar and Sephora.

Dry Bar Blow Out Salon - Pasadena
I was given an informal tour by my stylist, and shown the back room, which they open on particularly busy days or hold private, large functions in. There are also a couple of private rooms for private parties – be it a bridal shower, girls salon day, sweet sixteen party, or what have you.

Rachael at Drybar, PasadenaRachael at Drybar, Pasadena

Ta Da! The final result was a splendorous cacophony of curls and volume, precisely what I’d hoped for! Noel was a total pro; she twisted and twirled every strand of my hair. I marveled at the way she was also able to keep up with my blatant fidgeting, which she encouraged as I was snapping pictures and trying and take everything in.

Out of all of the white and buttercup yellow elements of Drybar, it is the genuine happiness all of the employees appeared which stood out the most to me. From the stylists to the ‘bartenders’ (receptionists!) Paige and Laurie, there is a common bond of authentic adoration for not just the employment in and of itself, but for the company of which they are employed to. Stylists are permitted to share their outside services to clients, as well as pick up shifts at other Drybar locations to cover for a friend in need. Happiness is infectious; a pleasant work environment gives way to customers leaving with more than a kick-butt hair do and a smile on their face. It leaves them with a bubbling afterglow, and an overwhelming urge to share their experience with others, as I have done just now with you!

My hair may be piled heavenward, but my mind has been placed at ease, as I can now say with confidence I not only get what Drybar is all about, but I can get behind it as well. Thank you to Paige, Laurie, Evelyn, Noel and manager Ashley for brightening up my Wednesday afternoon and giving extra bounce in my step and my hair!

146 S. Lake Ave, #102
Pasadena, CA 91106

Mon-Wed: 8a-8p
Thu-Sat: 8a-9p
Sun: 9a-7p