Mr. Pasadena Is Baking Up Something For You This Weekend


Are you in need of a sweet treat Saturday? Responsible for bringing dessert to the pot luck this weekend?   My friend Molly Taylor has signed up for the 549.1 mile bike ride AIDS Lifecycle\ Ride to end AIDS , an event that will take seven days and journey her from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I am truly in awe of her dedication and training ethic.  I wanted to help in any way I could and working together the idea of the Bake ‘n Buy BAKE SALE was born.

Therefore, this Saturday March 2nd.  I am holding an enormous bake sale at Jones Coffee to raise funds to help reach her $10K goal of donations. There will be some of the top bakers in Pasadena and the surrounding area on hand with 100% of the donations going to help her reach her goal.

The Bakers include:

Cake Bar

Sugar Fix

Serendipity Cupcakes

UpTown Sweet Spot

B. Sweet

Chubster Bakery

I Like Pie –Bake Shop

Cutie Pies LA

Crème Caramel LA

Any one of these offerings could satisfy your sweet tooth, but to have them all together is an over indulgence that might never be seen again.  BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!  That’s right we have also enlisted the help of the one food truck that everyone can agree on…THE GRILL CHEESE TRUCK!  That’s right the Grill Cheese Truck  will be on hand as well and will also be donating a portion of their sales to Molly’s fund raising goal.

I urge you to make this a part of your weekend plans. This isn’t your elementary school bake sale we are talking here. This is a bake sale of epic proportions.  What better way to satisfy your sweet tooth and know that you are helping to donate to worthy cause. So make your way down this Saturday to the bake sale and I will see you there! Cheers to Molly and cheers to all of the wonderful people that are marking their calendars now to attend the bake sale!

DATE:  This Saturday March 2nd

TIME: 11am to 4pm

Location:  Jones Coffee 693 S Raymond Ave Pasadena, CA. 91105 / (626) 564-9291

P.S.  Special thank to Chuck over at Jones Coffee for donating the space for this event.


5 responses to “Mr. Pasadena Is Baking Up Something For You This Weekend

  1. This sounds lovely! I could go through each baker’s site, but by any chance do you know if any of these will be offering vegan baked goods? Please say yes!

  2. This is awesome. What a great way to support a friend. Count me in! 🙂 – Raquel

  3. Denise Putnam Avelat

    Hey my old friend!

    This sounds so fun and for a great cause. I’m going to try to make it out to Pasadena for this, if possible. I would love to see you and help by eating some tasty treats! Keep up the great work you do helping others.


    • Thank you so much! It would great to see you and thank you for considering making a trip to Pasadena to come to my benefit. I so appreciate your support and it would be great to say hi again. It has been a looooong time!

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