La Monarca South Pasadena Grand Opening

“The story of La Monarca Bakery is one of joy for life and of overcoming the odds, propelled by the indomitable search for a dream, fueled by the strength of love and family. It is embodied by the brave and resilient spirit of the beautiful Monarch Butterfly.” LaMonarcastreet2

La Monarca opens its doors adjacent South Pasadena’s Metro Gold Line stop where there skilled team of bakers creates a variety of Mexican cakes, pastries and breads from scratch, using traditional proprietary recipes perfected over the last 50 years. Some of La Monarca’s traditional offerings include Quiche Ranchero, Traditional Cazuelas, Tres Leches Cake, Caramel Flan, Agave Nectar Cookies and Hojarasca. At the new South Pasadena location, guests can enjoy location-specific specialities, including Ham and Cheese Cazuelas and Cold Brewed Coffees.

La Monarca Bakery’s founders, Ricardo Cervantes and Alfredo Livas, grew up in Monterrey, Mexico’s third largest city. Since they were kids, the two friends enjoyed the rich variety of breads and pastries (pan dulce), which are household staples in Mexico. While studying in the U.S., Ricardo and Alfredo missed the delicious pastries from back home. After moving to Los Angeles they continued searching for authentic, high-quality pastries from their homeland but the offerings they found were very disappointing. Thus, they decided to create La Monarca Bakery to bring cakes and pastries with the authentic flavors of Mexico to the U.S.LaMonarcabread2

Mr. Pasadena says “ No matter if you live in Pasadena or South Pasadena you are thankful to have this amazing baker near you. So it is with open arms and a happy tummy that I welcome La Monarca to the neighborhood.”

La Monarca Bakery

1001 Mission Street

South Pasadena, CA91030


Hours: 6:00am – 8:00pm. For additional information, visit or follow: @LaMonarcaBakery, FB/LaMonarcaBakery, Instagram/LaMonarcaBakery.



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