Welcome to Pasadena!


It is great to have you here in the city that I love so much. I wanted to welcome you home to Pasadena and since I know you are only in town for just a limited time, I went through the trouble of making a list of places that I recommend for your dining pleasure.  I figure I would keep it simple.  I named 3 to 4 spots for each category and along with the address, I hyperlinked their website or yelp page for you.  I truly hope you enjoy your stay in Pasadena and if you happen to have a question about the city feel free to tweet me at @Mr_Pasasdena and I will do my best to point you in the right direction:

Great place for a burger

Pie & Burger  913 East California Blvd

Lucky Boy  640 South Arroyo Parkway

Big Daddy’s Fire Grill 2122 E. Foothill Blvd & 147 W. California Blvd

Great place for a pizza

The Kitchen 78 W. Union St

Domenicos 2411 E. Washington Blvd.

Blaze 667 E. Colorado Blvd.

Great place for Mexican food

El Portal 695 E. Green St

Mijares 145 Palmetto Dr.

Norma’s Tacos 950 East Colorado Blvd

Great place for Italian food

Gale’s 452 South Fair Oaks Ave

Tratorria Neoplis 336 South Lake Ave

Carmine’s  424 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena

Great place for Sweet Treats

Sugar Fix 63 South Raymond Ave

Polka Tots  720 North Lake Ave #3

Federico’s Bakery 1810 East Colorado Blvd

Great place for coffee

Jones Coffee  693 South Raymond Ave

Zona Rosa Caffe 15 South El Molino Ave

Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters 260 North Allen Ave

Great place for tea

Au79 1671 E Colorado Blvd

Flour + Tea 238 South Arroyo Parkway

Scarlet Tea Room 18 West Green St.

Great place for sushi

Toro Sushi 2675 E. Colorado Blvd.

Ichama 325 North Rosemead Blvd.

Zono Sushi 230 South Lake Ave

Great place for a sandwich

Vince’s Deli 111 West California Blvd.

Pasadena Sandwich Co. 259 Sierra Madre Villa Ave.

Melt It 105 N Hill Ave

Great place for a drink

POP Champagne & Dessert Bar 33 East Union St.

The Blind Donkey  53 East Union St.

Kings Row Gastro Pub 20 E. Colorado Blvd

1886 1250 South Fair Oaks Ave.

Great place for breakfast

Russell’s 30 North Fair Oaks Ave.

Pie n Burger  913 East California Blvd.

Conrad’s 861 East Walnut St.

Yahaira’s Café  698 East Colorado Boulevard

Great Place for BBQ

Robin’s Wood Fire BBQ  395 N Rosemead Blvd

Big Mama’s Rib Shack 1453 N Lake Ave

Gus’s Barbeque 808 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena


“Once again thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl game.”

            -Mr. Pasadena


2 responses to “Welcome to Pasadena!

  1. Reblogged this on Blythe's Blog and commented:
    Nice new site all about Pasadena, CA!

  2. I LOVE this! Half the places I haven’t heard of, but the others are old school classics. Thank you, Leslie and Mr. Pasadena.

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