Invitation To The @Mr_Pasadena Tequila Tweet Up.

How do you top the fun and success of the Mr. Pasadena tweet Up at POP Champagne and Dessert bar?   I don’t think you can.  In fact, if I never do another tweet up I will always know that a great time was had by all and everything went as planned, but I still get emails, Facebook messages and tweets asking “when is the next Tweet Up, Mr. Pasadena?” Well my friends the answer is we are just a few weeks from the next Mr. Pasadena Tweet Up. Consider this blog post your open invite to #TequilaUp2012

The Place: El Portal   695 East Green Street Pasadena, CA 91101

 The Date: September 13th, 2012

 The Time: 5:30pm to 9:30pm

 Cost: $30 at the door ($25 pre-sale tickets)

Description of the event:We will be joining El Portal as they hold their 13th annual Tequila Tasting. 25 different tequila vendors (like Patron, Partida, Avion,Cinaco, Paqui, Kah, Dobel along with many other top shelf tequilas) will be present for your tasting enjoyment. El Portal will also have a delicious Mexican food spread for all attendees. Along with Mariachis and door prizes, there will be several “social media” photo ops to send your photo to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Finally all twitter followers of @Mr_Pasadena will be given their very own Mr. Pasadena swag bag. It’s just a little way of saying thanks for coming.


  • What’s a swag bag?  It’s my gift to you for coming to the tweet up. I am all about Pasadena and this gift bag is all about Pasadena too.  It’s filled with gift cards and certificates from all the wonderful places I know and love in Pasadena.  There are only 100 bags and they are on a first come , first serve basis.  So get there as soon as you can.
  • How do I get a pre-sale ticket? EL Portal has them on sale at their front desk. Just ask and they can present with as many as you need. Or I happen to have fifty $25 presale tickets. We can arrange to meet and get you your ticket on that meeting date.
  • Can I bring a friend even if they don’t follow you on Twitter? Of course you can. The more the merrier. I’m sure if they didn’t follow me now, they will after the tweet up. This is one party that it is better to bring your friend than to tell them about it after the fact.
  • What if I am not into tequila? For one thing the food that El Portal puts out for its attendees is worth the price of admission alone. However, should you desire another beverage other than tequila, El Portal has a full bar for all your liquid needs.
  • What does the parking look like?EL Portal does have a large parking lot, but it will fill up quick. You may end up parking in lots that are adjacent to El Portal. It will all depend on what time you get there.
  • What if I am unable to drive home? El Portal has a cab service on standby for your convenience.
  • *** How do they know that I am part of the tweet Up and not just a regular guest?  There are 3 things I need you to do.

1)      Follow El Portal on twitter @ELPortalPas

2)      Print out this invite and bring it to the check in desk where you will present it to them.

3)      Tell the check-in attendant that you are here for the Mr. Pasadena Tweet up and they will hand you your swag bag and wristband for the event.

What does an event like this look like? I have attached the video of last year’s tequila tasting event so that you can get an idea of how awesome this event is going to be.


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