Ginger Corner Market Opening July 7th!

In my quest to bring my local friends new, fun and interesting places to go to in Pasadena, I stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. Ginger Corner Market on Michigan Avenue (across from Grant Park) is on its way to be that local sandwich place/throwback convenience store/watering hole that has been missing in the Pasadena landscape.

The market once known as Eddie’s is the site of Ginger Corner Market.  Just throw out what you might have remembered Eddie’s  because I walked into Ginger and felt transported back into the simpler times of Pasadena.  From the counters, to the frozen treats cooler, to the dining area, it all felt rich, friendly, warm and full of the love that the owners bring to their establishment.  They held a soft opening a month ago, so it feels like they have been there for decades.

Jeff Hollingsworth and the crew prep for the lunch crowd.

Liz Hollingsworth (part of the family of owners) greeted me with a smile and handshake that was like a “welcome home” and if that wasn’t enough, my nose caught a whiff of some freshly baked cookies or muffins that made me want to sit down and order.  I indeed sat down to a savory tuna on sourdough that tasted like something grandma would make (I’m sure the roast beef, grilled vegetables and chicken salad taste the same).  Next, was their homemade pink lemonade with mint that will cool you off on a hot summer’s day and put some wind in your sails.

“baked cookies that made me want to sit down and order some.”

Then I was introduced to Jeff Hollingsworth (Liz’s brother and part owner) who was the designer and builder of all counters. I give him a lot of praise for his work because the counters add so much to the inviting, old school Pasadena feel.  You have to see it for yourself, this place special.  I am telling you about it and yet I want to keep it a secret because you might just want to make it your own private Pasadena spot.

Liz joined me at my table to let me know that the grand opening will be on July 7thand that they are celebrating from 10 am to 5pm with BBQ specials, popcorn and treats for the kids. I hope you will join me in welcoming Ginger Corner Market to Pasadena.

This order menu maybe temporary, but their food is everlasting goodness!

I think you are going to enjoy the great vibe that will keep you coming back for more.  Whether it’s the sandwiches, the freshly baked goods, the Golden Road beer, the Jones’ coffee (which I love) or that throwback good feeling you get when you enter the front door, Ginger Corner Market is your new best keep secret in Pasadena. Well it least it was until I wrote about it.


Ginger Corner Market  217 S. Michigan Ave. Pasadena, CA.

Homemade sandwiches, treats, ice cream, craft beer, freshly baked goods, Jones’ coffee

Grand opening  July 7, 2012


One response to “Ginger Corner Market Opening July 7th!

  1. Mr. P. This looks yummy. Can’t wait to try it!!!!

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