The Tweet UP #ROCKED!

Wow!  I didn’t think it was going to be that successful. Well we all want things to be successful, but the turnout at the 2nd Annual Pop Champagne Tweet Up hosted by yours truly was a success.

I remember waking up that morning and feeling nervous. What if nobody comes? My confidence kept overriding that feeling, “Relax. It will be fine” it told me. Yet my anxiety retorted “You don’t really know that’s true.”

My anxiety had a point; this was the first time I would call upon the Twitter world to “meet up”. Looking back I only had approximately 17 days to get the word out and I only really had the chance to use 12 of those days to reach out and let people know about the party.

NOTE TO SELF:  Remember to purchase software to direct message all Twitter followers. Because as personal as it was to message individual followers, it was too laborious and I never got a hold of all the followers.

To those friends on Twitter that said they were coming, but didn’t make it – I get it, we all have things that come up and derail our fun. You were missed, and I hope you can make the next one.

To my friends on Twitter that came – THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You took time out of your busy schedules and you took a chance on me and for that I am extremely grateful.  YOU ROCK!

To my friends Candy and Valerie over at JOICO, MANY , MANY  thanks, not only did they bring product for the swag bag, but they brought their JOICO posse that cranked up the Tweet up.

To my close friends and family thank you for your support and to the Pasadena business owners ** that took a chance on me and made the swag bag a HIT I say thank you and cheers to your continued prosperity.

** Special swag bag thanks to: JOICO, El Portal, Sugar Fix Desserts, Big Daddy’s Fire Grill, Jones Coffee, Massage Envy:Hastings Ranch,  The Kitchen, Cutie Pie that! & Mr. Edgar Mejia.


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