KENJI in the house!

Kenji: rising next gen comedian.

There is nothing more fun than going to a comedy club and getting to laugh out loud. The Ice House in Pasadena has been the home for the legends of comedy.  Legends like Jay Leno, George Carlin, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld,  Ellen Degeneres and Robin Williams have all graced the stage at the ice house and left them all laughing.  It’s also been a great place to catch a rising star comedian and this Saturday is no exception.  This Saturday night Kenji will be performing on stage 2 at 10:30pm.

I have seen many a many a funny comedian at the Ice House, but Kenji seems to be that comedian that may someday soon find his place amongst the uber comedians. If I had to say what he kind of funny he is ,I would say that he is  very much like a Richard Pryor in the 70’s  and Eddie Murphy back in the early 80’s, with a today spin on things. His entire set is all based on the world according to Kenji and no subject matter is taboo.  If you are in Pasadena this Saturday night, Kenji is a MUST SEE. I’ll say it again Kenji is a MUST SEE!  He just has that “IT” factor.  Once you see him you’ll know that you will see him in movies and on TV soon.

Place: Ice House 24 North Mentor Ave.

Get tickets on line by visiting:

Kenji’s website:


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