All about the moms!

What’s going on this weekend? I don’t know shouldn’t be the answer. Because whatever your mother, mother in law or mother of your children are interested in doing is the real answer.  That’s right this Sunday is Mother’s day and you have about 40 hours to come up with the plan to make it seem like you had this planned months in advance.  So before the timer runs out. Go to the florist and get mom some decent flowers.

Teas Rose Garden 28 South Raymond Ave. 626-578-1144

Jacob Maarse Flowers 655 E. Green Street 626-449-0246

Duran’s Flowers 315 S. Arroyo Pkwy 626-405-0048

The Flower Garden 60E. California Blvd. 626-683-7496

Then make a reservation for a place that mom loves to go to. Make it for breakfast lunch or dinner, and make sure she wants to go there. There is nothing worse than taking somebody to an all you can eat sushi place and forgetting that they hate sushi.  Looking for someplace new to go?

Chef Ray from POP Champagne & Dessert Bar

Check out Pop Champagne Brunch Menu (reservation strongly recommended)

Or try La Grande Orange Café

Or go to a Pasadena Classic that has been pleasing patrons for over 40 years.

Green Street restaurant

Regardless of where you go, make sure that mom is happy and excited about spending her day with you and all her loved ones.

What do I buy my mom, Mr. Pasadena? I don’t know. I mean I don’t know what your mom likes.  What does she like?


Sees Candies 3641 East Foothill Boulevard

Manicures & Pedicures?

The Forum  3705 E. foothill Blvd.

Foot massage?

Heart & Sole  163 W. Green Street 

Well when all else fails you can whisk her to place where the is a gift for everyone. No I’m not talking about Target, The Pasadena Paseo  or Best Buy (that’s a dad thing). I am referring to the one and only world famous Rose Bowl flea Market

It only happens every second Sunday of the month and this mother’s day you can take mom there and tell her she can have ANYTHING she wants (well within reason because that is what she would tell you)!

Hopefully that bails you out of any drama this year. Because a happy mother makes a happy you and when mom is happy, YOU are happy.  Cheers to all the mothers this Sunday. If it were not for you we wouldn’t be here.

…and I’ll see you in the Dena!


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