Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Pasadena!


It is hard to believe that it’s been a full year of blogging. Well for that matter it is even harder to believe that there are so many of you that choose to follow me. I am extremely humbled and truly moved. Thank you for following me here, on Twitter and on Pasadena Now dot com. It has been a challenge at times to get out the blog or the article to PasadenaNow.com as fast as I would like, but I have and I will continue to do so as often as I can.  I am surprised that my simple blog about this great city has turned into something even bigger than I originally imagined. 

What are my plans for 2012? Simply put. More.  More tweeting, More blogging and more getting the word out that the city of Pasadena, CA. is a great city that has a lot to offer everyone.  From fine dining and burger joints, sports and entertainment, arts and children’s events there is something here for everyone.  

 Not only I am going to get word out about Pasadena via the internet, I am also committed to taking it to the streets. That’s right there will be times this year that I will leave the confines of the city and attend other events in and around Southern California to promote Pasadena to all that will listen.

Why go to city events not based in Pasadena  and blog about them?  Because it’s about getting the word out and reminding people that Pasadena is not just about the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl, but it’s THE destination for all things fun and entertaining.  Also I do realize that you can blog every day, but unless you head to the street you may not be able to reach everybody. 

 Thank you for all the great comments and letters that you have sent it has motivated me to do more for you and more for the city of Pasadena.   It has been a great deal of fun to serve as an unofficial spokesperson, town crier and ambassador to Pasadena. Even so I am in awe of your participation. I blogged about the events but it was you who showed up. You came to  truck rallies and you joined me at new restaurants and tequila tastings. It is an amazing feeling knowing that I made your day or gave you a great way to enjoy the weekend or introduced you a new place to grab a bite where you are now regularly. 


So cheers to you and cheers to a new year ahead!


3 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Pasadena!

  1. Thank you and happy blogging birthday, Mr. Pasadena!

  2. Hmmm…maybe you should do a taste test of birthday cakes at Pasadena’s finest bakeries for your blog! Happy birthday, Mr. Pasadena. We look forward to celebrating our fair City with you for many years to come!

  3. Mazel! I an SO EXCITED with your graphics, Mr. P! great Choices, Sir.

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