Armando joins the fight against breast cancer! & Happy Birthday!

Today Armando Ramirez celebrates his birthday! In order to pass on the prosperity Armando and the Ramirez family are graciously donating 10% of total sales of their 3 restaurants (El Portal, Yahaira’s and Vanessa’s) to the fight against breast cancer.  That’s right instead of accepting gifts for his birthday he is inviting everyone to stop by enjoy some great food and leave knowing that you helped make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. 

I asked him what was it that made him come to this decision to give back so generously.  Armando said, “My family and I have not been directly been affected by this, but I have friends that have been faced with this disease. Some have fought and won and others were not so lucky… So I asked myself what I can do to help. Knowing this was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the fact that my birthday is in the same month,  I felt this was an opportunity to give back to my friends and to all of our patrons that have fought and that continue to fight this disease.”

Knowing Armando this isn’t a flashy gimmick to get people in the door.  Especially since Dia de los Muertos (A Mexican holiday like Halloween) is so close he could have run specials around that instead. 

My feeling is this; this is the perfect opportunity to help the fight against breast cancer. You don’t have to buy specially marked products, go online and give your credit card number, or walk a 10k. All you have to do today is stop by El Portal, Yahaira’s or Vanessa’s for lunch or dinner and eat some great Mexican food and after you pay the bill you should feel full. Full from the food and full of the great feeling that you get knowing that you contributed to a great cause simply by going out to dinner. 





El Portal … 695 E. Green Street Pasadena, CA. 91101

Yahaira’s …698 E. Colorado Pasadena, CA. 91101

Vanessa’s… 696 E. Colorado Ste 17 Pasadena Ca. 91101


3 responses to “Armando joins the fight against breast cancer! & Happy Birthday!

  1. Today, tonight? Wow, grandpa, Luke and I may have to go tonight if that is true.

  2. Such a lovely gesture! Happy birthday Armando!

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