Pasadena Museum of History Debuts “The Collections Quarterly”

From : Jeannette Bovard @ Pasadena Museum of History

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the underground world of Pasadena Museum of History’s extensive, climate-controlled, stacked-to-the-wall archival storage areas?

 The Collections Quarterly, which debuted this weekend, offers a glimpse into the treasure trove of Pasadena and West San Gabriel Valley memorabilia that has been deemed of sufficient historic value to be housed in the Museum’s exclusive archives/collections.  The premier edition was sent out on October 15 to PMH online subscribers Subsequent issues will go out on January 15, April 15, and July 15 annually.

 Each issue will feature new acquisitions as well as select items from the Archives, art and artifacts collection, and the Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo collections.  The articles are written by the Collections staff at PMH – Director of Collections, Collections Manager, Reading Room Manager, and Project Archivist.  The goal is to make PMH members and the public more aware of the Museum’s holdings, to highlight some of the wonderful artifacts in the collections, and to encourage people to visit the Research Library & Archives. Current email subscribers are automatically subscribed to the Collections Quarterly.  However, they have the option to unsubscribe and receive only the Monthly E-calendar if they prefer (or vise versa).  New subscribers will have the option of signing up for the Monthly E-calendar, the Collections Quarterly, or both.  To sign up, please visit

The Research Library & Archives at Pasadena Museum of History is free and open to the public from 1:00 to 4:00 pm, Thursdays through Sundays.  The Museum is located at the corner of Orange Grove Blvd. and Walnut St. (470 W. Walnut St., Pasadena 91103); free parking is available in the Museum lot and on Walnut St.  For additional information visit or call 626.577.1660.

Mr. Pasadena says: I truly believe that we need to know where we have come from before we can envision a future. The Collections Quarterly sounds like it will help any and all take a peek at the past. I look forward to all that is highlighted and all that is essential history to this great city known to all as PASADENA. Thank you ,Jeannette, for allowing all of to relive the past and to celebrate all this is the history of this great city.


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