A Tribute to the Pillars of the Pasadena Restaurant Scene


As most of you have read I have blogged about my love for food trucks and more specifically Wheel Food Wednesdays at Jones Coffee. Mrs. P on the other hand does not see the joy in the communal gathering, the opportunity to try new foods and a chance to bond with your neighbors. She cannot figure out “why anyone wants to stand in line for hours to eat expensive food served on paper plates with plastic forks in a parking lot.” Please note that aforementioned does not apply to Arturo’s Taco Truck on Fair Oaks since she has been going to the trucks there since high school.

 Social media seems to be more about the food trucks and the latest and greatest restaurants, but let me take a step back and ask, “what about those tried and true institutions that makes Pasadena great?”    Let’s be honest we all have our list of our go to places we have patronized since we were old enough to choose the restaurant. For Mrs. P the old favorites include Green Street, Domenico’s, Beckham Grill, Café Bizou, Marston’s, Burger Continental and of course the late night classic trio Tops, Lucky Boy and The Hat

Personally, I think no old school Pasadena list would be complete without Lucky Baldwin’s, Pie’n Burger, Roscoe’s , Russell’s, Stony Point, Gale’s , Steer N’Ale , Hamburger Hamlet, and of course the Mexican trio El Portal,  Ranchero and Mijares.  To that end I am all about good food, good spirits and fun with friends and family in the city of Pasadena. I am completely open to new places to dine, but you can’t look forward without looking back and knowing where you have come from.                

Pasadena has a wealth of established eateries that will continue to thrive by your patronage, it’s a part of what is special about Pasadena and it is on their shoulders that Pasadena is considered a great place to dine.  These old school places have a special place in most all Pasadenian’s hearts.  They are the oldie but goodie, they are the go to place and they are the place where every local has a good story from back in the day. So cheers to the old school! My god am I old enough to be old schoolmyself??

Okay so you tell me, which of your favorites did I miss? Let me know…


2 responses to “A Tribute to the Pillars of the Pasadena Restaurant Scene

  1. Restaurants are a prime ingredient to Pasadena’s quality of life. Nice you mentioned Pie ‘N Burger. Great to see them continue on.

  2. I’ve seen the Pie N Burger taco truck at the Food Truck Thurs nites at the Pasa PH/Zona Rosa.

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