2011 Tequila Tasting @ El Portal

Let’s forget for a minute that El Portal is one of the best Mexican food restaurants in Pasadena. Instead let’s focus on their annual tequila tasting held each year around the “El Grito” (which is the celebration of Mexico’s independence from Spain). El Portal sets the standard for how to have a tequila tasting. I’ve looked high and low in Southern California but nothing compares to excellence that El Portal has achieved over the many years of hosting this event.

This past September 15thbecame their best tequila tasting ever.  The event featured 25 tequila vendors each with all grades of their tequila, over 10 different appetizers, 12 raffle prizes and mariachis filled the air with music. The crowd was buzzing with friends meeting up and people making new friends.  The smell of delicious Mexican food filled the air like only El Portal can do.  I was later informed that close to 400 people attended the event (up from the 300 who attended last year).  It always felt like there were a ton of people around, but it never seemed like it was over crowded. 

So let me thank those of you that took time out of your busy schedule and showed up on a Thursday night. It meant a lot to me that you came out in force to support Mr. Pasadena and to support a great event.  I know from the feedback that it will not be too hard to convince you to come again next year.  Abel Ramirez (owner of El Portal), his son Armando (owner of Yahaira’s cafe) , Ramon Arellano (general manager of El Portal)  all wanted me to thank you for making this the best year ever.    I also wanted to thank my photographer Brian Carter.  He came through in clutch and took some amazing photos and an outstanding multi-media slideshow. If you need a professional photographer, he is worth every penny; I suggest you contact him for your next event. He can be reached @ http://pixelthatphotos.com/ . Tell him Mr. Pasadena sent you!

As you saw above, I have attached the slideshow here in the hopes that I can convince all those that didn’t make it that this is one of the top 7 events that you must attend in Pasadena each year. The El Portal tequila tasting event seems to get better each year and to my readers I promise to blog about it and give you a heads up that it’s coming. Ok?  Great!  Cheers to you and Cheers to El Portal on another great tequila tasting! 


2 responses to “2011 Tequila Tasting @ El Portal

  1. This sounds like a really awesome event to attend. Can you post ahead of time prior to the event so I can be one of the lucky 400 attendees? That would be fantastic.

    • Yes, Cee, I promise to make sure my blog readers get plenty of notice for next year. I did the twitter thing, but you are so right it didn’t do my readers justice. Lesson learned.

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