Wheel Foods Wednesdays ENDS TONIGHT!

Wheel Foods Wednesday really took me by surprise.  I truly did not understand how excited the Pasadena community and the social network would become over a food truck rally. Whether you were invited by Mr. Pasadena or you were told by a friend that they should really go and try it out, you went and you told more of your friends to go until this little food truck rally exploded into a Weekly food truck festival of great food, great music and great fun.

 I have to hand it to Chuck B. Jones and Jones Coffee for implementing the idea to roll out Wheel Food Wednesday. WFW made summer fun for adults.  It made the hump day a fun day. Where else in Pasadena could you take a few chairs outdoors, eat some gourmet grub and chill out to great music? “It seemed to break us out of our rut and smile again.” said Hector Chavez a constant patron of WFW. “All you could see were happy adults, happy kids and happy pets. It was truly one of the best things to happen to Pasadena and we are all happier because of it.”


Sadly all good things must come to an end.  Jones Coffee is hosting its last WFW for the summer tonight (starting @ 5:30pm). Will it come back next year?  I spoke briefly with Chuck Jones and he is very excited about WFW returning sometime in the spring, he even entertained the thought that WFW will be back for some intermittent holiday events, but rather than bleed it dry he is going to let it rest and be fresh for next year. Chuck noted that WFW truly exceeded all his expectations and thanks all of WFW hundreds of followers on Twitter and Facebook. Chuck also wanted to send a special thank you to Molly Taylor (top cookie over at the Sweets Truck).  Without Molly none of this could have been.

Well thank you Chuck! Thank you Molly! And thank you all for coming out to Wheel Food Wednesdays.  Hope to see you all there tonight for one last gourmet bite! Until next year, Chuck, Cheers!


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