Goorin Bros. hang their hat in Old Pasadena.


Goorin Brothers site says:  Goorin arrives at yet another historic location in California: Old Town, Pasadena. Our hatters are proud to adorn your crown with one of our signature hats to prepare you for your walk through the historic streets, novel alleyways, rustic brick façades, and architectural accents Old Town has to offer. Originally a business district, the neighborhood is alive again with open-air eateries, specialty boutiques, galleries, theaters and antique shops—a skillful blend of old and new that we at Goorin can relate to.  Address:   49 W Colorado Blvd  Pasadena, CA 91105  Hours: Mon. – Sat. 10am-9pm  Sun. 11am-7pm   Phone: (626) 440-1895

Mr.Pasadena says : Goorin Brothers have been making hats since 1895.  No doubt they will be  a great addition to Old Town Pasadena and with 116 years of experience at making hats. It’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about hats.  Personally,  I look forward to finding and purchasing “the” official hat of Mr. Pasadena” at Goorin Brothers. 

My advice? It’s simple. Take some time during your weekend visit to Old Town Pasadena to visit Goorin Bros. and try on a few hats, you might find a few that really complement your style. Besides sooner or later everyone needs a hat. Why not just add it to your Old Town Pasadena to do list?

Drive on down to Old Town Pasadena and…

  1. Grab some lunch and watch the game at Kings Row
  2. After game nosh on something sweet from 21 Choices.
  3. Stop in to Goorin Bros. for new “me” hat.
  4. Hang out and catch Columbiana at Gold Class Cinemas

You see? Lunch, sweets, new hat and a movie. All here waiting for you in Pasadena.

Cheers and have a great weekend! Hope to see you in Pasadena real soon.



One response to “Goorin Bros. hang their hat in Old Pasadena.

  1. What a swell new shop! Thanks for the heads up.

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