New Pasadena Cupcake!


From the Polkatot’s cupcakes blog…

California has it’s California Roll, New York it’s New York Cheese Cake but what about Pasadena? In Pasadena we have great things like the Rose Bowl Parade, great culture, food, art and a long history; and most important it’s known as the city of roses!!! In fact Pasadena is celebrating it’s 125 years!  Since we love Cupcakes and we love the city of Pasadena, we decided too merge them both and came up with a terrific idea! We created the “Pasadena Cupcake!!!” We wanted to capture Pasadena’s essence in a Cupcake and establish it as the city signature dessert! We hope you like it and as all our achievements we’ve accomplished, we couldn’t do this without your help Tots!

Coming up with this Cupcake was so much fun, experimenting with different flavors to combine it with rose water until we came up with the perfect combination: A nut-spice cupcake with a hint of rose and rose buttercream!  The result: a must try gourmet cupcake with a total and original flavor that reflects Pasadena at it’s best! We are looking forward to share it with you guys this August and see what you think….. we always learn from you and your suggestions and comments! Thanks so much for all your help and support!

Use on twitter the hashtag #pasadenacupcake to tell us what you think! See you soon!

Mr. Pasadena says:  If you are into cupcakes then I definately suggest you try this little gem of a cupcake.  The rose butter cream frosting is perfectly balanced with this sweet and moist spice cake. Mmmm.  This decadent and flavorful treat really is worthy of being known as the “Pasadena Cupcake”!  Congrats to Polkatots Cupcakes for their homage to the city of roses.   Enjoy!

You can pick up your own Pasadena Cupcakes @

720 N Lake Ave Suite#3
Pasadena, CA 91104





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