Carmageddon, Carpocalypse and other good reasons to stay in Pasadena this weekend!

By now you have heard of the impending doom that will befall the Westside, none other than the closure of the I-405.  It is safe to say that if you don’t have to be on the Westside this weekend (July 15th thru 17th) then don’t even bother. Traffic is not your friend and this weekend will prove to be the mother of all traffic jams.  Hey, they didn’t call it Carmageddon because of fear that there would be stop and go traffic thru out LA, no they call it Carmageddon because they expect all other adjoining freeways to turn into parking lots and all nearby surface streets to turn into more parking lots.  The likes of which signal the END OF DAYS! Well, not really, more like the end of your weekend before it can even start.

So rather than tell Westsiders to stay at home,  then I suggest that you come to the 2nd Annual LA STREET FOOD FEST in PASADENA this weekend! With 3 sessions, one for the over 21 crowd and 2 family friendly options, Brookside park outside the Rose Bowl will be rocking all day and well into the evening. Mr. Pasadena says to make sure to buy tickets early since some sessions are already sold out.

That’s right the 2nd Annual LA Street Food Fest has staycation hotel deals to make your foodie adventure a whole weekend of possibilities. Just click on the banner for hotel deals and easy directions.

And who are the participants for this mouth watering foodpalooza? I don’t even have room in this blog to show all of them to you, but click on the following banner to check out all the Gourmet trucks, local loncheros, carts, stands, restaurants, chefs, baja chefs, ice cream vendors and tequila reps that will be represented.

That should do it, or another way to say it would be. “Now that’s a mouthful!”.  There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that Pasadena is the place to be this weekend.  The 2nd Annual LA STREET FOODFEST promises to be both memorable and helpful.  Memorable for the amazing cuisine that will be served and helpful to those Westsiders that will otherwise feel helplessly trapped over the weekend.  So please do join us here in Pasadena this weekend you can avoid the Carmageddon and enjoy the food.  Cheers!


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