Pasadena Restaurant Week?? So where do I go first?

A lot of friends have been asking, “Mr. Pasadena, where should I start my Pasadena Restaurant Week experience?”  So to my readers, my friends, and my family I say, “EL PORTAL of course!”

Abel Ramirez and his El Portal have been providing delicious Mexican food to Pasadena patrons for over 15 years.  You do not have to take my word for it.  El Portal has garnished several outstanding reviews on YelpCitysearch and Chowhound. They have also received awards from the Pasadena Weekly as Best Mexican Food of 2008 and 2010.

My personal recommendation is to try their Conchinita Pibil.  It is a succulent and flavorful pork dish that is a “must eat” for first time visitors.  For your dining experience, El Portal has designed special Pasadena Restaurant Week menus.  I have attached these menus for you viewing (click here).  Regular menu or special menu you can’t go wrong.

It is also important to mention that their service is incredible too. Ramon Arellano (general manager) and the rest of the staff continue to provide the kind of service that you will come to forget.  Why forget?  Because we all seem to remember that horrible service, you know that service that reminds you that you should take your business elsewhere.  Not so with El Portal.  I am always pleased with how quickly I am seated and how well my waiter/ waitress services the table. High marks!

Therefore, it is my pleasure to say that Mr. Pasadena highly recommends El Portal for Mexican food and Mr. Pasadena highly recommends that you start your Pasadena Restaurant Week at El Portal.



TEL: 626.795.8553
FAX: 626.795.2860

Able Ramirez owner of El Portal >>>


Earlier I sat down and spoke with Abel Ramirez (who by the way is a man worthy of being known as Mr. Pasadena, but that is another article all together) and his son Armando to chat about Pasadena Restaurant Week.  I hinted that I would be blogging about  El Portal and restaurant week.  He told me that I could let it be known that any new diners (parties of 2 or more) that come during Pasadena Restaurant Week (May 27th – April 1st) and mention that “Mr. Pasadena sent them,” will be provided a complimentary appetizer for the table.  Wow.  Thank you Abel!  I thank you and my readers thank you!  So there you have it, for all those who have yet to try El Portal, Pasadena Restaurant Week is the time to come on out and let them know that “Mr. Pasadena sent you!”


4 responses to “Pasadena Restaurant Week?? So where do I go first?

  1. Word up, Mr. Pasadena! See you at El Portal.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about El Portal! Abel and his entire staff are absolutely great!

  3. Thanks for helping us spread the word about our first-ever Pasadena Restaurant Week!

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