Because Every Kid Deserves a PAL

One of the organizations that is near and dear to my heart is The Pasadena PALS (Police Actives Leagues).  The Pasadena PALS provides after-school and summer programs for Pasadena kids in middle school and high school.  The program is educational, athletic, and recreational and is intended to develop and maintain a positive bond between police officers and the youth of our community.  The Pasadena PAL staff of officers, youth advisors and volunteers help divert kids from boredom, apathy, loneliness and the countless problems of growing up today.  

I truly believe that this program is changing lives by providing a place to focus on school work as well as enriching their lives with great athletic and educational activities. 

This coming Wednesday, March 16th marks the 10th Annual Pasadena PALS Golden Badge Awards.  It is their signature fundraiser that recognizes people in the Pasadena community that have shown excellence in the support of youth in Pasadena.  I would encourage all Pasadena residents to attend and support this worthy cause.  Keeping kids off the street and helping them to become better students not only helps kids to achieve their own dreams but it also helps build a better Pasadena. 

  For those that are interested in making a donation and/or attending this event, please continue by clicking on through to the following site:  PASADENA PALS


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