The Graves– A Pasadena Band Looking To Make It Big!

Pasadena brothers, Sean 19, Chris 20 and Kevin 20 aka The Graves are rocking the internet.  They have managed to start a rather large fan base on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and YouTube.  What is their latest challenge? Cutting their first full length album.

Studio time costs a premium and its money they just don’t have.  So they have turned to in the hopes of securing the funding for the studio. is the latest microfunding site that allows creative projects of all kinds to find funding via the internet.  What is great is that you choose what level of support to give any given project.  You can fund with a dollar or you can fund the whole project. The choice is yours.

 I recommend that you take a moment to listen to their music on   . I really like “so soon” and “something crazy”. Also take a look at their project on  – It’s up to you if you want to contribute to their first full length albums studio time.  You never know this might be the next “it” band.  Or it might be the first time that you are listed in the “Special Thanks” section of a soon to be platinum album. Or it just might be a way to finally be hip with your kids when they tell their friends that mom and dad helped to launch THE GRAVES.  Whatever the outcome is you can say that you first heard about it here at .


One response to “The Graves– A Pasadena Band Looking To Make It Big!

  1. I can not feel I “forgot” to read your weblog since I uncovered it three months earlier. As well busy with work I guess. Anyways I have it bookmarked now to be sure that I get notified when you put some new subject material up.

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