Good morning…where’s the coffee?

There are plenty of coffee houses to choose from in Pasadena.   One that stands alone is JONES Coffee Roasters.   This place, the coffee and vibe reminds me of  Starbucks back in the 80’s. Maybe it’s the fact that they import most of their beans from a family grown farm (Finca Dos Marias) in Guatemala. Maybe it’s the fact that they roast the beans right there in the store. Maybe its fact that they  grind those same beans just moments before it is time to brew their coffee and espresso.  Mmmmmm. Well all this effort makes  for an unbelievably well balanced and great tasting coffee.  If you are into espresso you will be equally dazzled by the richness and the vibrancy of the espresso in everything from your Café Americano to your lattes. 

Whether you are a loyal Starbucks drinker or loyal to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, you really need to go on by and try this coffee.  Why don’t you make it a part of your weekend plan to go on down and try a cup of coffee or mocha or an espresso?  I really love this coffee. They have a great staff to handle all your beverage needs. They have a wide selection of whole bean coffees to purchase and they are also known to offer live entertainment on occasion.

 Also they have special events that add a new dimension to coffee drinking.  Try the introduction to cupping, it will enhance your understanding of acidity, fragrance and flavor. If you want to up your game on your espresso machine there is the Home Barista workshop . Don’t have an espresso machine at home? Take the Home Brewing Workshop.  

Even with all those extras, it’s nice to go to place where they focus on the basics and somehow they manage to make it all come together.

JONES Coffee Roasters is located at 693 S. Raymond.


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