To Nom or not to Nom Nom…

I had a meeting near City Hall this past Tuesday and I was excited to see the Nom Nom truck was back! Yes, the gourmet Vietnamese food truck had rolled back into Pasadena and was serving up some delicious food.  In fact, there have been quite a few gourmet food trucks that have been spotted on the streets of Pasadena.  However, the Nom Nom truck has a special place in my heart since I happened to watch them in a reality TV competition show on the Food Network.   

There I was just steps away from the ordering and it hit me… by eating at this truck am I turning my back on the many restaurants of my beloved Pasadena?  I started to think back to all the discussions I have had with restaurant owners, all of them seem to echo the same sentiment – “TIMES ARE TOUGH! Business is down! This is a bad economy! “   Would I be helping to put these restaurants out of business, just by eating at a food truck?

I truly began to worry that for the first time that I was doing something that would adversely affect the economy of Pasadena.  Hmmmm. Maybe this was just Catholic guilt?  Maybe I was just being over sensitive? Because it’s not like my eight dollars was about to put “A taste of Bangkok” out of business.  To be honest, if I was in another part of LA I would not think twice about ordering from this truck, but because it is parked here in Pasadena I am on the fence.

In the end I passed on the truck. I figure it was better to reflect and reapproach the situation the next time I come across a gourmet food truck in Pasadena.  What about you? Are you into food trucks?  Are these gourmets on wheels putting people out of business? Do we really care so long as I can get my Banh Mi  hot and fresh?


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