Really? Bob’s Big Boy? YES Really.

Ok maybe you are not going to take me serious  because I am about to tout the merits of Bob’s Big Boy, but there are a great many burgers in Pasadena and Bob’s Big boy has been a favorite of Pasadena for decades.

I couldn’t tell you why all the Bob’s turned into Coco’s during the early 90’s , but I do know that famed architect Wayne McAllister had is hand in the design  of the original Pasadena Bob’s and that they opened up next to Pasadena City College back in 1950. The good news is  they are back!  In fact, they have been back and they just celebrated their one year back in Pasadena.  (January 22nd, 2010 to 2011)

Personally, I grew up going to breakfast at Bob’s and there were many a night after a high school football game that I spent hanging out with all my friends from  school. There are a lot of good memories about Bob’s and the food IS STILL GOOD.  Walking in to their new location on Lake seemed to bring back those good memories. So if you are looking to have great bite to eat with a dash of nostalgia, then come back to Bob’s. The food is the same and as good as always, the prices are still reasonable and the service was really good (I had a great server by the name of Walter).

They are at:

899 E Del Mar Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106

Listen- I love burgers!  In fact, I plan to blog about all the good burgers that are in Pasadena.   To me you can’t go wrong with Bob’s.  So come on back and see if Walter is available.  You can reminisce over some glory days with friends and a Big Boy combo.  What’s your good memory of Bob’s Big Boy? Let me know.


4 responses to “Really? Bob’s Big Boy? YES Really.

  1. Sweet! I love Bob’s!

  2. Yea for Bob’s! Jeff and I are always trying to tell our boys how fun Bob’s was when we were growing up. For some reason they just don’t get it?!?!? What don’t they understand? The great food, great friends, Friday night freedom, toothpicks in the ceiling, hot fudge cake or the scraping together of money at the end of the night?
    Thanks for the roll down memory lane, we are still hoping Bob’s will return here!!!

  3. Jessie Christensen

    Friday nights after high school football games…hot fudge brownie!!! yum!

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