What’s on, What’s not

Things that I plan to showcase here on the site.

  • All of Pasadena’s great restaurants, diners and eateries that I feel are “approved by Mr. Pasadena”.
  • Upcoming events in  Pasadena.  
  • Bargains and deals out in town. 
  • Pasadena news  shaping this city.
  • Rumors and gossip that is spreading through town.
  • Basically anything and everything that is Pasadena. 

Things you are not going to see here.

  • I am not going to blog about movies or TV. Then again, I might should there be an upcoming movie at or TV show about Pasadena. However, that’s not to say that I won’t recommend a great theatre to go see movies or a great place to buy a flat screen TV.
  • I have political views, but that view I will share on some other blog and under some other blog name.
  • I like LA, I like many cities surrounding Pasadena, but I have never been known as Mr. Altadena, Mr. Monrovia or Mr. Glendale so I probably won’t be talking about those cities.
  • I am not one of those people that will talk about himself in the third person.  Having this website seems boastful enough I don’t need to annoy more people by running around saying Mr. Pasadena this or Mr. Pasadena  that. 

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