The second reason why I am here…

I am have been humbled by the title and I have appreciated all of my friends and associates that have called me Mr. Pasadena over the past 20 years.  However I have to be honest…Knowing the rich history of Pasadena and knowing some of the amazing people that make Pasadena what it is today I have to admit that there are quite a few gentlemen in Pasadena that have more than earned the title of Mr. Pasadena.   My goal is to present to you those individuals that have become famous in this town and that are also known as Mr. Pasadena.

Therefore, it is my quest to research and present to you these Pasadena ambassadors.  I mean where else would you expect to find them but here at Mr.


2 responses to “The second reason why I am here…

  1. Just as there are many Rose Queens & Princesses, there are many Mr/Mrs/Miss Pasadena’s. Which is good.

    • You know that’s just it. The Rose King is no more and there are some well known Mr. Pasadena’s that I have yet to write about or meet for that matter. I am sure in time there will be a Miss and a Mrs. Pasadena that I will write about. I just need to find her….

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